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About This Project

The DUAL Fanless Aracast players are compact devices with high performance and low consumption, suitable for all types of Digital Signage applications. With a Dual Core processor, 2GB of RAM and no moving parts to ensure optimal operation in 24/7 conditions, the DUAL Aracast player is prepared to meet the requirements of 80% of DS applications, being able to reproduce templates with various simultaneous content such as slideshows of photos, video in 1080p, texts, RSS or PDFs among others. Thanks to its small size, Aracast players can be easily installed behind any monitor or integrated into kiosks, totems or interactive tables. The mount bracket included with the player makes integration easy. Only Aracast players integrate the embedded Aracast software and are approved by TECCO.

Standard features:

  • 2x HDMI outputs.
  • Plays HD720p Video with or without Audio
  • Monitor remote control via RS232, featuring power On/Off  for optimal daily work time.
  • Prepared to connect directly to equipment and systems of content networks: Monitors, Totems, Projectors, Videowall, Corporate Networks, Communication Channels, Advertising Information Systems …

Optional features:

  • Aracast QMS. Integrable in queue management system.
  • Aracast Monitoring. It allows you to monitor the status of your Aracast  players at all times.
  • Aracast Role Management System. It allows to create Administrator and Operator profile levels and grant and deny access.
  • External video sources access: streaming, TDT,…
  • Remote control via RS232 for additional functions.
  • Local reproduction control (iPAD,…)
  • Ready for interactive functions.