Cutting-edge technologies for an effective institutional communication.

Digital Signage, entertainment and queue management. Everything in a unique tool at the service of the community.


Improve customers loyalty with and engaging digital signage network at your branch offices.

Fewer queues, more customers. Use Aracast QMS to manage the queues of your customer service desks.

Display live financial feeds from financial data vendors with Aracast.


Communicate with employees and visitors, provide information and updates on corporate events and activities in real-time.

Make all your team feel part of an innovative workplace environment with Aracast Digital Signage.


Digital Signage in educational facilities helps to interact with a digital native student community which is constantly connected.

Inform students and staff instantly about activities, schedule changes or any other urgent messaging at all the campus areas, such as classrooms, fitness center, cafeteria , etc.



Enhance the look and architecture of your museum or showroom with digital dignage.

Museum and showroom visitors have an expectation of encountering unique and surprising ways of interacting with exhibits and experiencing them. Aracast Digital Signage delivers information and content in a novel and impactful way.


Digital Signage in hotels, restaurants and casinos delivers helpful information, welcome messages and entertainment to customers, guests and visitors.

Improve guest’s and customer’s experience with Aracast Digital Signage.




Digital Signage in bus and train stations and airports provide directions, updated information, weather reports and promotions to visitors.

Transportation facilities are a transition point for visitors, provide easy-to-fin information with Aracast Digital Signage.


Digital Signage in convention centers has to deal with ever-changing visitors.

Aracast Digital Signage allows you to manage daily and even hourly schedule changes, directions and other information.


Digital Signage in retail helps to update your offerings continuously.

Set prices and change the content regardless of the number of screens and location. Display breath-taking content and increase sales with Aracast.


Digital Signage in hospitals or clinics improves the patients experience. Displays in waiting rooms keep the patients informed and entertained.

Aracast QMS is the perfect tool not only to communicate but also to manage a seamless flow of patients and reduce waiting times.