Enhance user experience and perception of quality of your customers. Make the user feel an active part of a useful and breakthrough digital communication technology with Aracast QMS


Aracast QMS, a digital information system that expands the powerful performance of aracast digital signage system with an efficient, flexible and intuitive queue management tool.


Aracast QMS is a fully customizable suite of products that combines not only digital signage and queue management software, but also Tecco digital communication hardware.

Let us help you to build your own aracast QMS system: Aracast Designer software, Qiosk touch-screen ticket dispenser, QSign lobby directories and QTile and QWall room and corridor displays, all interconnected to ensure a memorable user experience.

Qiosk Touch Ticket Dispenser

Aracast Qiosk is a touch-screen self-service ticket dispensing kiosk designed and built by Tecco in Spain. Available in 3 different sizes: 10”, 15” and 22”.


Our professional digital directory systems, allow the property to manage all listings, names, descriptions, images, and other media remotely and even automatically.

QTile Room Displays

Ultra slim, all-in-one multi-purpose commercial tile Aracast player which delivers a high performance in any kind of environment, such as education, healthcare, finance or retail.