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About This Project

The indoor LED screens of the IFM series make up a new and innovative solution for indoor installations, whether fixed or dedicated to rental. The cabinet of the IFM series incorporates a high-precision technological design, being a very attractive product for its appearance in addition to its high specifications. Its light and light weight construction, in addition to its high reliability and image uniformity make this series one of the most demanded for rentals and events, as well as for fixed installations.


Main Features:

  • Pixel range from Pitch 4.5 mm to Pitch 9 mm
  • Super thin and light profile
  • High precision structure by numerical control, which allows invisible joints between cabinets
  • Quick lock snap hooks for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Semi-closed structure that facilitates heat dissipation

Typical applications:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Digital Signage
  • TV Broadcast Studio Sets
  • Scenarios and shows

TECCO LED screens, allow a high degree of adaptation to the real needs of customers:

  • Total screen size according to special measures specifications
  • Curved screens, both concave and convex, in different radii and resolutions
  • Special projects in size, shape, resolution and brightness
  • Remote content management with our Aracast CMS

TECCO also offers mechanical solutions for the assembly of LED screens, both in steel and aluminum:

  • Support structures to floor, wall or ceiling
  • Anti-vandalism protection housings
  • Motorized systems for fixed and / or mobile installations