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About This Project

The perimeter LED sports screen DDS, is a modular series -each module measures 1680 x 800mm, with a weight of 70 Kg.-, especially designed for fixed or mobile installations in sports environments and events where a large screen is required at length. We also have central markers, which correspond to the interior lines described above.

Main Features:

  • Designed for sports: volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, etc. The best LED solution for sport.
  • Excellent color uniformity, high brightness
  • Ultra high refresh rate, which ensures absence of flicker, even in slow motion video.
  • Soft front and cabinet design very resistant against impacts.
  • Cabinets curved at their ends to ensure a joint without spaces between them.
  • Top of flexible and soft material
  • Adjustable legs

Tipical uses:

  • Advertising lines in stadiums and competitive sports.

TECCO LED screens, allow a high degree of adaptation to the real needs of customers:

  • Total screen size according to special measures specifications
  • Curved screens, both concave and convex, in different radii and resolutions
  • Special projects in size, shape, resolution and brightness
  • Remote content management with our Aracast CMS

TECCO also offers mechanical solutions for the assembly of LED screens, both in steel and aluminum:

  • Mount structures to floor, wall or ceiling
  • Anti-vandalism protection housings
  • Motorized systems for fixed and / or mobile installations