Aracast CMS, Products
About This Project

The new queue management system Aracast QMS allows to inform, entertain and manage access to the different services provided in any public space in which lines are formed and there is a need to manage waiting times, such as health centers, financial entities and public services. Aracast QMS is not a simple queue management system, it is a suite of products that combines all the functionalities of the powerful software Aracast Digital Signage, with the quality, attractiveness and robustness of the hardware systems designed and manufactured by TECCO. Tactile ticket dispensers Kiosk, elegant WallSign directories and all types of visual and auditory indicators, all interconnected to provide an excellent service to the end user.

Main features

  • Aracast Designer 3.0 operator desk Linux, Mac or PC compatible.
  • Aracast player that will act as a server connected to the information displays.
  • Tactile ticket dispenser Tecco Kiosk.
  • Information directory Tecco WallSign.
  • App Java Aracast QMS for Operator desk.
  • Information displays in operator positions.
  • General information displays in waiting areas.