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About This Project

The TINY Aracast player is a multipurpose player for Digital Signage and economic New Media applications but with all the possibilities of network management of a high-end player. Each player has the Aracast Designer software pre-installed and ready to use with an operator license, phone support and updates during the first year. Aracast Tiny allows you to create templates in a flexible, free way, play videos in high definition HD1080, HTML5, Photos, Video, Texts or RSS news feeds. Create groups with Tiny, Dual or HD players indistinctly.

Standar Features:

  • HDMI video output.
  • Plays HD1080p videos.
  • Prepared to connect directly to equipment and systems of content networks: Monitors, Totems, Projectors, Videowall, Corporate Networks, Communication Channels, Advertising Information Systems …

Optional Features:

  • Aracast QMS. Integrable in queue management system.
  • Aracast Monitoring. It allows you to monitor the status of your Tiny players at all times.
  • Aracast Role Management System. It allows to create Administrator and Operator profiles and grant and deny access.