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About This Project

To forget the big management servers. Sincrowall® allows the user to manage the monitors of a videowall independently or divide the videowall into groups of monitors, being able to show either as many different Ultra HD content as monitors, several contents by groups of monitors or a video / image in Ultra HD to screen complete To achieve this synchronization, each monitor must have an integrated Sincrowall® player that is managed in a local network with the SincroDesk management application.


Sincrowall®, videowall management options

Auto-sync Sincrowall®. It allows the autonomous operation of the players with loaded content, the players are synchronized among them through the local network to execute a Sincrowall® template. Web Control Sincrowall® Web application that allows the user to control the release of content remotely -via internet to its network of Sincrowall® players. Web Service for remote player management Allows the management and programming of players that are not in a local network and that can only be accessed over the Internet. Multi-user Web Environment with 3 access levels: Administrator, Manager and Editor.