Aracast CMS, Products
About This Project

Aracast Designer is the result of the work of an engineering team in order to develop the most user-friendly software on the market and we believe we have achieved it.


An agile and flexible platform, installable in any operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux) and from which you can carry out all the necessary actions to start up your Digital Signage network.


Configure your players, organize them in groups, create user profiles, design your templates, program your playlist and send the contents to your screens, all from Aracast Designer, without having to open different windows at the same time.

Modify the connectivity and configuration parameters of your players very easily with Aracast Designer.


Design templates with contents that draw the attention of your audience with:


Photos – Videos – PowerPoints – PDFs – Texts – Banners – Clock – RSS – Web Pages – HTML5

Social Networks – The Time – TDT – Streaming Video – Widgets – QMS. Queue Management


The Aracast templates do not have preset areas for content, Aracast Designer allows you to freely draw the space that will occupy content on your screen, to the pixel, in a totally flexible way.


Schedule the dates and times of issuance of your content templates. Aracast Designer allows you to program content today that will be played within 1 year, the players are autonomous and will store the information until the moment they are scheduled to play. Generate programming sequences to include your last minute campaigns within your schedules without having to redo those schedules from the beginning.


Create as many groups of players as you wish, without limitations, Aracast Designer allows you to send content to 1, 100 or 1000 players at the same time, from a point to anywhere in the world.


Manage your network by establishing different user profiles for the operators of your network with Aracast RMS 


Integrate the queue management of your establishment in your digital signage network with Aracast QMS.