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About This Project
Aracast® RMS is an Aracast network management option by licensing that allows you to manage your network and establish different user profiles and levels of operation within your work group
In this management system, the Administrator has all the functionalities included in the user interface. In addition, the system includes the operator license Aracast Designer LAN for as many players as are included in the network of digital information dependent on the administrator.
The default roles, in addition to the Administrator, are those of Designer, Operator / Programmer or Manager, which can be given to users in a single or combined way.
  • Diseñador: Allows the user with this role to have access only to the template designer, not being able to access other Aracast Designer options such as managing schedules, players or sending any content to any player or entity.
  • Operador: This user profile can create templates and schedules and send them to the players or entities to which they have access.
  • Gestor de red: You will have permission to add, delete and modify the configuration of players. Being able to also associate users and players with entities to establish access permissions.
  • Administrador:  There is only one per RMS system. The Administrator will have access to all the options of Aracast Designer RMS.